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Angelina Jolie’s sexy body has been captured again! The actress was spotted filming scenes for her upcoming action movie ‘Salt,’ where she shows off her sexy curves while wearing a tight white top and black skirt.

The brunette beauty looked hot in just a pair of denim shorts as she filmed some scenes at the beach. Her big brown eyes were covered with dark eye shadow, and she wore her shoulder-length blonde hair slicked back. She kept her makeup simple, opting for a natural glow instead of full coverage.

Jolie flashed her bare midsection as she bent over to grab something out of the sand. The starlet did not cover anything below the waist, showing off her toned stomach and matching bikini bottoms.

Angela looked flawless as usual, and fans immediately took notice of her toned physique. In fact, many people had already noticed how great Jolie looks after giving birth to twins Vivienne Marcheline Shunji and Knox Leon.

‘Salt’ tells the story of two Navy SEALs (Shane Black and Jack Reacher) who team up to take down a drug lord in Mexico. The film is expected to hit theaters later this year.

Meanwhile, Jolie recently revealed that she has undergone hormone replacement therapy to help her lose weight. The Hollywood star was previously criticized for having surgery to remove her ovaries when she was only 35 years old.

She said: ”I’ve done it. I got my tubes tied. I’m going on HRT. I felt it was time.”

”It’s amazing what happens when you turn 40,” she added. ”I feel fantastic.”

The mother of six now weighs about 112 pounds – down from 147 pounds five years ago.

The actress was previously married to actor Billy Bob Thornton between 1994 and 2003.

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